Friday, March 14, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT - Canaccord Capital Hires Clarity Financial Strategy To Assist Their Clients

TORONTO -- Clarity Financial Strategy (“CFS”) is pleased to announce that Canaccord Capital Corp. (“Canaccord”) has offered Clarity Financial Strategy the resources necessary to provide their clients with an independent and objective analysis of the Pan-Canadian Committee’s Restructure Plan. The Plan is expected to be released on or before March 14, 2008.

Increasingly, noteholders, dealers and potential purchasers are looking to better understand the products and the implications of the restructure currently underway. Canaccord’s providing the CFS services to their clients help the clients to make an informed decision on whether or not to support the Pan-Canadian Committee’s Restructure Plan.

While many noteholders have turned to their dealers that sold them their investments for a better understanding of the product, many noteholders are seeing the value of turning to specialists who were directly involved in structuring the assets. Canaccord’s decision to bring in experts to assist their clients in understanding the proposal is a clear indication that they believe independent analysis of the Plan is a critical tool in order to make an informed decision.

DARYL CHING, Managing Partner: "Canaccord’s clients have been doing an amazing job of getting their voices heard by both Canaccord, and the Pan-Canadian Committee. Canaccord’s decision to provide our services to them will help give their clients a better understanding of what is happening with their notes, what the Restructure means, and what the implications are of signing on. While we have been providing information to the public by means of our blog, news releases, white papers and television appearances, this arrangement provides the resources for us to help noteholders in a much more meaningful way.”

DARYL CHING: “We celebrate our ability to present objective independent opinions to the market, our clients and to the public. A critical part of our agreement is that both Canaccord and CFS are committed to allowing us to make a completely independent and objective analysis of the Restructure Plan. To Canaccord’s credit, Canaccord has clearly expressed to us that we are an independent voice in this, and they respect our need to remain autonomous and in communication with the public, media, and noteholders directly. We are pleased they see the value in our expertise in structured finance and our ability to provide an opinion on the implications of the Restructure Plan and valuation of the restructured notes.

JOHN SOKIC, Partner: "We are looking forward to providing detailed analysis of the Restructure to the Canaccord clients, and believe that our completely objective opinion of the Restructure will benefit them enormously. As we are very familiar with the assets underlying the ABCP, we are well positioned to provide a credible opinion."

Clarity Financial Strategy Inc. is a Toronto-based consulting firm focused on providing insight and recommendations on the ABCP situation. Managing Partner Daryl Ching is particularly outspoken in defence of noteholders in the ABCP restructure. For further enquiries please contact CFS Managing Director DARYL CHING (416) 505 7467 ###

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