Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Investors are getting educated and speaking out... on Facebook

By: Daryl Ching, Clarity Financial Strategy

Jim Middlemiss of the Financial Post published an interesting article "Engineer rallies ABCP investors on Facebook". Brian Hunter, who goes under the alias of "Windyfield" is an avid reader of the Clarity blog and has posted several insightful comments throughout some of our entries. Mr. Hunter has created a Facebook page to rally support for the smaller investors. His site includes letters to and from Purdy Crawford and Mark Carney.

Based on comments we have received from people like Brian Hunter, it appears not only are ABCP investors getting fed up with the restructure process and speaking out, but they are getting very educated on the topic. It is apparent through Mr. Hunter's comments, that he has done much research on the situation and has an intricate understanding of how all the various parties were involved with ABCP. His website is rallying support and has up to 10 users at this point.

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